The Pastors’ Wives Ministry (P.W.F.) exists as a part of RCCGNA Women in Ministry (W.I.M.). The Forum was formed in July 2009 by Pastor Manita Fadel as a result of a longstanding burden in her heart regarding Pastors’ wives. As a pastor’s wife herself for 10 years,at RCCG Winner’s Chapel in Detroit, Michigan,Pastor Manita went through a number of ‘growing pains’ and can identify with the needs of other Pastors’ wives having “been there” herself.

As RCCGNA continues to experience rapid growth through the vision of Church planting, it is essential that new Pastors’ wives work alongside experienced pastors’ wives to help them understand their role and position at the onset. This will enable them to be fully equipped to support their husbands and families in the ministry and glorify God as they do so.(Titus 2:3-5). As such, our goals are to support, encourage and empower all pastor’s wives.

Vision Statement:


To support, encourage, and empower Pastors’ wives in Ministry.

The following are the objectives for The Pastors’ wives Forum:

  1. To Honor God
  2. To Know your position in Christ
  3. To define your role as the Wife of your husband
  4. To define your role with your immediate family
  5. To know how to raise emotionally and spiritually healthy children
  6. To know the expectations of being the Pastors wife (personal and Ministry)
  7. To know What your Call is in the Ministry
  8. To know how you fit into the big family (The Church)
  9. How to deal with difficult people and handle criticism
  10. How to handle current issues faced in the Ministry
  11. To act as a support & Networking system among other Pastors wives
  12. To finish strong!

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