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Become a Mission Partner

How to become a $1-A-Day ($30/month) Mission Partner of Pastors’ Wives Forum:

Step 1: Please text $1+p to 903-200-4088.

Step 2: Follow the prompts to enter your card details.

Step 3: Confirm your pledge and once it is successful, you will get a confirmation text about your pledge.

Please Note: 
Please note that your first $30 a month Mission pledge will be charged today and every month thereafter. To stop or manage your contributions online, please text HELP to 903-200-4088

If you want to give more than $1 a day ($30/month), please text $2+p (for $60/month) or $3+p (for $90/month) up to $9+p ($270/month) to 903-200-4088 and follow the instructions.

One-Time Contribution:
You can also do a one-time contribution to Pastors’ Wives Forum. Please text the amount you wish to give to 903-200-4088 and follow the instructions. Example: Text 50 to 903-200-4088