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The Confident Woman

The Confident Woman

A #1 New York Times Bestseller

If you struggle with issues like insecurity, low self-esteem, worry, inferiority, fear, self-doubt, etc., make today your day to start your journey back to God’s original design of confidence, victory, faith and success!

As a woman you are a precious gift of God to the world, fulfilling a purpose that only you can fulfill.

Based on her own personal journey and 30+ years of encouraging and ministering to hundreds of thousands of women, Joyce has insight that will guide you through your own transformation to a more confident you!

This book will help you…

  • Realize your infinite worth and value
  • Identify barriers to confidence
  • Learn where true confidence comes from
  • Become independent through dependence on God
  • Overcome obstacles to live a bold, victorious life

“You can hold your head up high and be filled with confidence about yourself and your future. You can be bold and step out to do new things, even things no man or woman has ever done before. You have what it takes!” –Joyce